mandag 18. august 2008


Will be heading out to honeymoon tomorrow. Be back in a week.

Our schedule:
Day 1: Munich, Füssen
Day 2: Füssen (Schloss Neuschwanstein), Salzburg
Day 3: Salzburg
Day 4: Venice
Day 5: Venice, Locarno
Day 6: Interlaken
Day 7: Geneva

Meanwhile I hope China manage to rack up as many medals as possible to shut the US up. Hopefully China will also have a more respectable closing ceremony with minimal fake stuff.

3 kommentarer:

L L sa...


Have a sweet and memorial trip !

About the Olympic Games, your hope is also my hope!

佚名 sa...

Sweet sweet honeymoon trip~^^

卡臣 sa...

....the sound of music!