onsdag 4. september 2013

最後倒數 - The final countdown

It was 8.5 months ago when I submitted my resignation letter.

It was 5 months ago when I confronted my boss about what to do in my 6 month quarantine time.

9 months is a very long time, enough time to give birth to a baby.

Now that I am looking back at the past 8 months, time really do fly.

It is fate, for the past 5 months I was placed in one of the biggest .NET project in Nordic. It is also directly related to my upcoming projects in my future job (only the scale is far bigger). The experience I have aquired here is only going to help me in the future job.

Most of the work is done now, all is left is documentations and knowledge transfer.

The past few days, this song keep popping up in my mind:

Just 1 month left.