mandag 31. mars 2008

Dessertfox vs Desertfox

People may wonder, why Dessertfox? or more straight up.... what is Dessertfox?

When I was in University, my obsession was websites, making websites just to try out different web languages (HTML, javascript, php etc.) and when geocities can no longer satisfy my need, I went and register a domain name + webhost to create a real website.

First problem I faced was about the name. I have seen many websites and if I were to create my own, what would it be? One name popped up to my mind, Desertfox.

The real name is Erwin Rommel, the youngest general, young but well qualified with his exceptional knowledge in military warfare. Executed Hitler's blitzkrieg to perfection. Practically owned the Sahara desert for 2 years thus earning him the name of Desertfox.

So Desertfox sounds like a good name, but I am sure he has more than one fan so the name is probably taken. Eitherway, it is worth to give it a try. So I entered Dessertfox and pressed entered and to my surprise, the name is not taken!!! So the name is registered and the website is done. However, this still doesn't feel right, how can such a popular name to be available? It wasn't until the website is done that I realize that I mispelled the word. Desertfox is with one "s" while I spelled it with two. Since then I have used Dessertfox for popular places that requires an unique ID.

After a few years I have stopped paying for the registration of the website and so the name is no longer mine. Instead I am still the owner of, whenever I have some freetime I will make it to be my traveler blog.

For those who know me as Desertfox, that is still me so don't worry.

One interesting fact is that the owner of is probably a jewish man.