onsdag 7. mai 2008

Stockholm 4 day trip

There was a few "excuses" of why I decided to go to Stockholm even though I should be saving every single penny for my wedding.

- My friend/roommate/colleague is moving away from Norway to Dubai and during his 9 month stay, he hasn't seen too many places.
- I desperately need a break after working my butt off for the last 2 months.

Why stockholm? It is close by, things are relatively cheaper and I thought (turned out to be false) that I can claim the sales tax back when I leave the country.

I had been to stockholm before but last time was for a conference and I only got half a day to do sightseeing, so this is my official stockholm trip.

We didn't really do much there. Since my friend is too lazy to walk around. So basically we covered the old town, most of the major shopping malls and the technical museum.

The fat picture of me you saw is obviously from the technical museum in front of a concave mirror.

Since it was the end of April, the sun didn't go down until 8:30pm and it was just nice to sit outside at a local restaurant and have a beer and enjoy the sunset.

The wide building with flowers in front is the Nobel museum (we were too lazy to go in) and it used to be the Swedish stock exchange.

Walking down the street in old town really feels like the 14th century with those stone roads plus gutters on the side. This doesn't exist in Norway.

I have also taken pictures of the metro map and the metro. It is old and shaky, not too comfortable if you ask me. Although it is better than Norway in the fact that it comes every 10 minutes instead of every 15.

I was fortunate enough to run into a Chinese demostration in Stockholm during the third day. They were mainly students from all over Sweden coming over to show their support for the Beijing olympics. I will post some pictures in my next post.