mandag 2. mars 2009

Time for reflection

Several bloggers have posted about why they blog. I have done some thinking about that as well and I have promised to post it out. So here it is:

As I have mentioned before, I have not lived in the same house for 2 years since I was 9. Some of the moves are within the same city so I don't lose touch with friends, but most of the time I am moving to a whole new city or country and it makes keeping in touch very difficult.

Now that I am approaching 30, I can honestly say that I only have 3 friendships that lasted more than 5 years and that 2 of them I am slowly letting go (I am getting too tired to keep having to reach out to them only to know that they are busy with their lives, besides, they are girls and one of them is getting married this year). I just need some more friends.

I started blogging in 2001 when I used that as a way to communicate with my first ex. We would share the same blog and write posts to each other (she wrote 90% of the time). Once we broke up, the blog was closed.

When I moved back to Norway in 2007, it was a big change. Calling friends wasn't always an option and I had problems knowing new friends. So I started going to forums. I prefer smaller forums where people seem closer to each other. When I find people I enjoy talking to, then I get the MSN to chat (I stopped doing that now since I am too busy with work and my work computer doesn't have MSN).

I really have to thank Diamond Chan for getting into this blog world and having this blog family. I found him in a forum, really enjoy his writings and then followed his blog. Through him I knew Lili and their Sunday blogger (closed as of the end of Feb 2008), luckily I knew of Carson right before the close of the blog and the rest is history.

My horoscope is Leo and I am energetic and demands the center of attention most of the time. Not that I am looking for it here, but definitely I would want to share my life experience with other people since I know that is unique and special. For those who comes and read my posts, I hope you enjoy them as much as I writing them.

For me, blogging is a form of interaction, over the internet. So I do take into considerations of what other people want to read about. I mean, what is the point of writing something that nobody wants to read?

As for what I am looking for, I am definitely looking for friends. I am dedicating my life to this cyber world (I earn my living making websites, not the layout, but the functionalities). With the blog families getting bigger and bigger, it is easy to meet new bloggers, and for the ones I really like, I hope to be able to meet them one day and extend the friendship to the real world.

Have a nice day everyone

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卡臣 sa...


eric sa...


Desertfox sa...


They are the core, lots of people got attracted together by them. I guess we all have them to thank.

To buy things cheap, use the chance when you go to Canada, buy the items and get the tax free. I do that as well. Sales tax in Norway is 25% at this moment.

eric sa...


小瓶子 sa...

I like Diamond Chan too... Haha~~

Desertfox sa...

That's why I go shopping in HK as well.

Actually I never said I like Diamond. Like I said, I want to meet people online who are real. Someone who never show their face will never get much of my attention.

laulong sa...


That's why you getting in, the blog world is full of fun and considerateness !

Desertfox sa...

I forgot to say that it was you who told me to start writing blogs. You are the ultimate founder of this blog!

市場維京人 sa...

Hi Desertfox,

Hope there is chance visiting Norway in the future few years. And, it's great if you can be the tour guide and let me know some Norwegian girls then!


Alvin sa...

man....i feel like you should go to join adult friends will be awesome !!! :)

Desertfox sa...

When you come, I will definitely show you around. I am not too sure about the girls though. Since only the ones in the early 20s are good, once they hit 25, their face start aging.

Anonym sa...

I moved around a lot too, that's one of the reason i end up start blogging.

although i wasn't planning to meet new friends in this blogging world, turn out i did meet some in this cyber world.

btw, Nice to meet you!!

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