torsdag 5. mars 2009

Slumdog Millionare

Watched that movie with a few friends last weekend. For a few reasons this movie really touched me.

1. I really like the game "Who wants to be millionare"
2. I really don't believe higher education can help you succeed in this game
3. I always love movies that can educate me (in this case, the movie showed me Mumbai, giving me a little introduction before my trip this winter)

This movie almost put me to tears.

It puzzles me how the Chinese translation become "1 million and 1 night"

I will talk about my annoyance with Chinese translation of things in my next post.

2 kommentarer:

卡臣 sa...

it is written (destiny)

市場維京人 sa...

Oh! That's so coincident! Originally I would like to leave comment "it is written", but just done by Carson!

After seeing this movie, my conclusion is:


And, I love the Chinese translation very much!