mandag 23. mars 2009


1. 有起码两个小孩
2. 年薪过百万(等到我六十岁的时候都算, 挪威不行可以去日本)
3. 游遍欧,亚洲,美洲,澳洲,非洲, 和南极. (已去过欧, 亚, 和美洲)
4. 用马和弓箭去打擸
5. 看完中国四大奇书(已看过三国演义, 另水浒传和西游记看了一半)
6. 上电视(希望不是蒙头带手扣地上电视)
7. 食一餐满汉全席
8. 坐船环游世界
9. 捐血
10. 再多学两种语言 (应该是德语和西班牙语)

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市場維京人 sa...

4, 5, 7, 9, 10 隨時都可以做。

1 我估你五年內會做到。



自由行 sa...

心想事成!! 努力呀!!!

Desertfox sa...

No.4 is very difficult, I have to find a place where I can hunt, I have to get a hold of a horse and bow/arrows.

No.7 there are only a few restaurants in China that serves it. I have to gather enough people to eat it with me.

I researched about No.8 before, it takes about 3 months. So I have to wait till a time when I don't have to depend on my salary and can live freely.



eric sa...

You can do number 4 in UK and Canada, as far as I know. But then it is hard to hunt on a galloping horse..that is the difficult part.

No 6 is not UK you can send your video clip to BBC 3 and they may use it in between commercials. Also in Canada there are "speakers corners" where you can say anything you want in a video booth and they may use it as well.

I have actually been on local evening TV news once...I was interviewed for what I was researching.

Hana sa...




Desertfox sa...

Since I live in the capital, any TV showing will be broadcasted nationally. As for horseback hunting, I think I need to learn how to ride a horse first :)

Wow, you have been to Anartica already? That is so cool! Me envious.

As for giving blood, I am afraid of needle, but after finding out that my blood is O-type, I would want to do it just to feel good about myself.

laulong sa...


Anonym sa...

as for blood donation, just ask the person keep talking to you to distract you, i am afraid of the needle as well, so i just keep making the person talk to me.

10. to learn can easily start, but to be fluent is hard.

7. i can't imagine i eat those wild animals at all. good luck with that.

btw, thanks for visiting.

佚名 sa...


肥貓 sa...

個人覺得 "南美洲" 也是個很值得去的地方, 雖然只去過秘魯, 但南美洲的風情已叫我情往!