tirsdag 17. mars 2009

My f***ed up teenage life.


[X] 被罰留堂
[ ] 上堂被收電話 (No mobile)
[X] 被人踢出校 (Believe it or not)
[ ] 被發現食香口膠
[ ] 比人捉出貓 (Doesn't mean I never attempted, but the only time I did, I failed)
Total: 2

[X] 遲到超過5次 (In Norway, I was late 3 times a week)
[X] 冇做功課超過5次 (you can add 3 zeros behind it and I will still mark it with X)
[ ] 遲交project 3次 (projects are the only reason why I stay in school, they are fun)
[ ] 因為想唔返而唔返學
[ ] 笑得太大聲比人趕出課室
Total: 2

[X] 要媽/爸由學校接返屋企 (My mom used to pick me up from school everyday)
[ ] 上堂send message
[X] 上堂傳紙仔 (Did eventually got caught)
[X] 喺課室將野飛尼飛去 (I practice my basketball skills in class)
[ ] 笑老師 (Mostly full respect to my teachers)
Total: 3

[ ] 禁消防嗰個警報器
[ ] 上電腦堂上Myspace , Facebook , Xanga既網站 (How about watching anime in lectures?)
[ ] 喺返學時間影相
[X] 返學時間打電話比人 (in university, this happens almost daily)
[ ] 上堂聽歌
Total: 1

[ ] 用野掟老師
[X] 冇老師批准下離開課室
[X] 唔跟校規規定既衣著 (No requirements in Norway/USA)
[X] 小測唔合格 (I want to know who doesn't have an X here)
[ ] 上堂食野 (I need to be able to enjoy my meal, can't do that in class)
Total: 3

[X] 學校打電話比家長
[ ] 因為行為表現差而冇得去學校既旅行 (My mom won't let me go when I was little)
[X] 冇帶野返學 (at the end of high school, I go to school empty handed)
[ ] 比人罰留堂但冇去
[ ] 當老師冇留意時向佢舉中指
[ ] 上堂大聲爆粗比老師聽到
Total: 2

[ ] 冒簽 (too difficult to forge Chinese signatures)
[X] 上堂訓教 (I snore and everyone heard me except the professor)
[ ] 咀咒老師
[X] 抄功課 (I do that daily for math homework)
Total: 2

將x的數目乘4 : 15×4=60, whoa, pretty low compare to most people.

6 kommentarer:

eric sa...

[X] 小測唔合格 (I want to know who doesn't have an X here)

I agree. I think almost everyone should have an X here, if not they probably just forgot because it doesn't really matter...

laulong sa...


小甜甜如果俾我埋到身哩,嗰幾百億呀,hea hea...

小瓶子 sa...

[ ] 上堂被收電話 (No mobile)

[X] 返學時間打電話比人 (in university, this happens almost daily)


市場維京人 sa...

> [X] 被人踢出校 (Believe it or not)
Wow! Is it true? Why?

Desertfox sa...

sorry, my bad, in high school or before, I had no mobile. Didn't get that until I go to university.

My grades were too bad, I was averaging Ds for one whole year in university and had to leave school for 1 term to take classes from another institution to show that I can get passing grades.

佚名 sa...