torsdag 12. mars 2009

The good ol' memories of the past

I found these in facebook a short while back.

It was a science competition in my last year of high school. We had to build a machine that completes specified task. That year we had to build a machine that traps a rotating satellite and puts a battery into the hole.

I was suppose to team up with the people in the second picture because most of them were same grade as me (grade 12), but then these people wanted someone who had joined the competition before (I participated in 1999 as well). So I went on to "lead" that team instead. Actually I swapped with that cute young Chinese girl in the second picture, she likes one of the guys on that team.

These people eventually went on to prosper a lot. The leftmost girl on the first picture eventually went to Caltech. The right most girl on the first picture went to Harvey Mudd and then onto Med School. The Chinese guy (standing) in second picture went to Standford, the one kneeling went to Berkeley and then M.I.T.

The European looking guys were from Belarus and Russia, Evgeny, Max and Dmitri, I refer to them as the "Russian Mafia"

I don't need to point out which one was me, do I?

First picture:

Second picture:

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