tirsdag 30. desember 2008

2008 -> 2009

In 2008, I......

- got married
- switched job
- crashed my car
- met up with an old friend

In 2009, I hope to......

- start a business or go back to school
- passed the SCJP exam
- become a father soon
- lose my "spare tire"

In 2008, I have been to.......

- Stockholm, Sweden
- 重庆, China
- Füssen, Germany
- Salzburg, Austria
- Venice, Italy
- Locarno, Interlaken, Genevè, Switzerland
- Bergen, Norway
- Düsseldorf, Germany

In 2009, I would like to go to........
- Namsos, Norway
- North Cape, Norway
- Cyprus
- Bombay, India

For 2009, I wish that ...........

- the financial tsunami will be over
- my parents can finally retire
- my sister can finally finish her study and support herself
- Coco can get a job, make new friends and settle down in Norway
- a friend would come and visit me in Norway

I hope I am not wishing for too much.

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芷蔚 sa...

Desertfox, thanks for coming~ Hope your dreams come true in 2009 and Happy New Year!!

自由行 sa...


卡臣 sa...


laulong sa...





Desertfox sa...

大家gum话. Happy 2009!!!

Looking forward to more productions (both blog stories and plays) from Carson.

I won't get to celebrate new year with Coco this year because she will be gone to help my parents at the restaurant but I will be working in Oslo.

市場維京人 sa...

Ønsker dine drømmer.

用 Google Translator 翻譯挪威文好好玩,不過唔識讀。

Ønsker du har et Godt Nyttår!


卡臣 sa...


laulong sa...



巴黎旅客 sa...


Meilleurs Voeux!

Desertfox sa...

Happy New Year everyone!

Google translator sometimes doesn't take grammar into consideration. Especially when Norwegian sometimes puts the verb before the subject.

Ønsker dine drømmer
Wishing your dreams

Let me know what you would like to say and I will put it up for you :)

Desertfox the Norwegian tutor :)

Alvin sa...

haha....2009 I will visit you so that one of yr wish is fulfilled.

Financial tsunami....here also...pretty bad...aiii....

Anonym sa...

Your wishes will be come ture. We can make it!

市場維京人 sa...

Desertfox the Norwegian tutor,

Ønsker dine drømmer, 原本想講 wish your dreams come true, 但唔知係打漏咗定係打錯咗 ...... anyway, ønsker din drøm blir virkelighet .... 希望呢次啱啦。