tirsdag 11. november 2008


On almost every weekend I would go to my parents restaurant to help out since it is usually busier then. Despite the long drive (3 hours one way) I usually have no problem with it. Pop a CD into the player and before I notice I am there.

On my way back this Sunday I got a little sick of the songs and turned off the player and decided to call up some friends back in US to chat. So I go down my list

- my best friend, lives in India and based on the time zone he should be sleeping right now
- guy friend in Arcadia, don't feel like talk about stocks right now
- female friend 1 in Fremont, phone turned off
- female friend 2 in Fremont, didn't pick up after 2 try
- my aunt in Fremont, didn't pick up

ok, so I have pretty much exhausted my contacts and then a name popped out...

- my ex

it's been a long while, and we broke up after I moved to Norway because she didn't want to have a long distance relationship. So I called her and she picked up.

"who is this?"
"it's me, Erik"
"Erik? Oh hi!"

it was a 50 min long conversation, it ended when she has to get up and I got home already. We pretty much just update each other about our lives and she mentioned how she felt sorry for the way things ended between us. It was her who supported me to go back to Norway since there are more opportunities for me there, but the original thought was for me to go back and work, save up some money and then go back to marry her after a few years. So I did resent her for not having enough faith in me. However, it's all the past now, and I have stopped holding onto that grudge.

As Ken Watanabe had said in the movie "The last samurai": "It was a good conversation"

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get" - Forrest Gump

Who would have known? I came back to Norway in March 2007 and so much had happened to me ever since:
March: Back to Norway
April: Travelled to Paris
May: Got my job
June: Bought my apartment
July: Travelled to London
August: Met my wife
September: Travelled to Copenhagen
October: Travelled to Namsos for my 10 year reunion with my middle school classmates
November: Travelled to Hamburg
December: My dad got a stroke
January: Travelled to Tromsø and proposed to my wife
February: Got a part-time job
March: Bought apartment in China
June: Back to China and got married
August: Honeymoon
October: Started my 2nd job

It's like a few years of changes all compressed into one. I should note it down so that I don't forget how special this past 1.5 years has been for me.

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thanks for caring, he is better now. His right side of body was not moving at first. Now, he can walk fairly good and can begin to lift up his right arm.

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