onsdag 2. april 2008

Snow Mountain

Pictures of a snow mountain

I had to go somewhere with my dad in late April 2007 and we just decide to try our luck by going through this mountain for a little shortcut. This road is closed during Winter and have just opened again after easter (early April for 2007).

It wasn't much fo a shortcut since the road reminds me of Akina (For those who have watched Initial D), full of hairpin curves and I wasn't able to go higher than 30km/hr for them. However, the view was great and the trip was worth it. For the big plain of white, it isn't just snow, but it is a frozen lake which in turn was covered with snow. I will try to make a trip up there this summer and post new pictures (that is if I have time to go up there again, it is 2.5 hours away from Oslo).

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laulong sa...

May I just call you fox ?



Angel Asura 天使阿修羅 sa...

Seems like that we're reading: (1) calendar with N European scenes & (2) Xmas cards:)

You're really hardworking, so many articles being uploaded!

Tks for putting my blog-link here, lucky to be the 1st one!

BTW, do u have a Chinese name for your blog? How about:

1. 沙漠狐狸
2. 甜心狐狸

Desertfox sa...

The pictures was taken in late April, I am sure you would said something different if I posted the pictures taking in January. My dad's car was trapped in snow about 1 meter deep all around. I have to use tools to knock the ice off the car like a miner.

If you would use a Chinese name for my blog, the direct translation of Desertfox is 沙漠之狐.
Sorry to disappoint you but the reason your blog link shows up on top is because I have them ordered alphabetically. Always help to have a first name starts with an A :)
There will be more pictures to come, stay tuned.

Angel Asura 天使阿修羅 sa...

"Sorry to disappoint you but the reason your blog link shows up on top is because ..." - why sorry? Just loving it, my dear fox:)

Carson Chung sa...


eric sa...


Desertfox sa...

oh Eric,
Where are you from? 6 months of snow? Even Oslo doesn't have that, but where I used to live, Namsos, begins to snow in mid October and the snow melts in mid April.

eric sa...