søndag 13. april 2008

I'll be back

Idle for awhile due to work schedule. Things are ok now, a new post coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Angel Asura 天使阿修羅 sa...

Sooo looking forward ... remember our "wine date"?

Are u a facebooker? let me add/invite u, i'm arranging a wine-tasting party this coming Tue at a wine-shop (mainly Aussie wine) in Central, it's very close to YungKee, so we're used to enjoy wine w/bbq pork & roast-goose ... i should invite Chan Tai-Man if everything is OK ...


Desertfox sa...

Yes, I use facebook, just search Erik Leung and you shouldn't find too many people on there. Only one in the Norway network. The guy on the horse as account picture.

Angel Asura 天使阿修羅 sa...

how're you? still busy? take care:)

laulong sa...



laulong sa...



Desertfox sa...

Thanks, lau-long

haha, I am actually reading other posts than writing on my own blog.

Anyway, I will be posting my Sweden trip here soon. Stay tuned.

snowysoso sa...

Hey Are you living in the States?? Which State?

eric sa...

Congrats! When's the wedding? What's the plan for the honeymoon?

Desertfox sa...

I used to live in Fremont, CA during the 4 years of my high school and then I went to UCLA for 4 years. Stayed there and worked for a couple more years before deciding to move back to Norway in March 07.

How about you? Where do you live?

Thanks, for honeymoon We decide to spend a week to visit a few places with Schloss Neuschwanstein (天鹅宫) being our main destination. We will go to Munich, Germany, then stay at Fussen to see the Palace, and then head to Venice, Italy, Salzburg, Geneva and the Alpine in between will conclude our trip.

This will pretty much be a pre-honeymoon since it takes place before the wedding. Although I can't see myself spending so much on another trip anytime soon.