torsdag 3. april 2008

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

This quote is from the legendary basketball coach from my school UCLA. His name is John Wooden, 97 years old and still alive.

This quote is running around inside my mind today because of a bad day at work. All the deadlines coming to me almost at the same time and none of the work is done. Just wish I am not a procrastinator. So the last resort is to call my evening part-time job that I am sick and cannot go to work today to squeeze out more time and go help my parents on Sunday instead of Saturday. That's the price to pay when you are working 3 jobs, you get the money and you are messing with all 3 of the jobs plus your health.

Speaking of John Wooden, he brought 10 national championships to our school (including 7 in a row from 1967 to 1973) He still goes to as many home games as his health permits.

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laulong sa...


Angel Asura 天使阿修羅 sa...


Take it easy:) Life is too short, 船到僑頭自然宜, my theory/comfort phrase!


How about this translation:

1. 沒有準備是準備失敗
2. 不去準備是迎接失敗
3. 放棄準備是接受失敗

Desertfox sa...

Yes, my Chinese is not good. I will leave it to you all to find a good translation for it.

Wasted half of the night because my connection to the company was bad. One of the server was down....

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

laulong sa...



Angel Asura 天使阿修羅 sa...

laulong, 唔敢當,純益玩玩:)

eric sa...


Angel Asura 天使阿修羅 sa...

Eric, many tks:)