onsdag 2. april 2008

iPhone 奇遇記

So I received my iphone yesterday (a gift from my friend), unlocked to be able to use any sim card. Of course stupid me the first thing I did was to plug it into my computer and when itune opens, it locks my phone again. Great! At first I just wanted to pay someone to help me unlock my phone but for 750HKD + 30 min drive I just would rather tough it out and do it myself. So I went online and found this forum that has a great guide of how to do it.


It is in Norwegian, but here are the steps for those who want to do it as well.

- turn off the iphone and put your sim card (deactivate the security code) into the iphone
- Download iPlus 2.0c and unpack it to desktop folder
- Download the newest iTune
- Make sure when you do connect the iPhone, connect it directly to USB (not via USB hub)

- Open iPlus folder and run DFU.cmd
- Connect the iPhone
- Wait till the command prompt window closes
- Start iTune
- Choose the standard choices for the pop ups (if any)
- Click "Restore"
- Choose the standard choices for the pop ups (if any)
- Wait for about 5 minutes and you should see one error on computer screen that says your phone card is not supported (don't worry, your phone is not unlocked yet, of course your phone card is not supported)
- go back to iPlus folder and run iPlus.cmd
(if you get the error message "USBMuxListenerCreate: No error":, close the command prompt window, run FixUSBMuxListenerCreateError.cmd, and run iPlus.cmd again.)
- just wait until the process is done and your iPhone is unlocked!

It took me about 15 to 20 minutes in the process (not including time for downloading the files)

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