tirsdag 15. mars 2011

A few thoughts

Japan, I offer you my sympathy.


A colleague (Norwegian) told me as we walk down to the cantine: "You need to go back to China and defend your country now, it looks like Japan will have no chance but to invade another country for some living space......"

Well, I doubt that the Chinese army will accept me since I have a foreign passport, and besides, what is Japan going to invade with? Seems like they are quite busy at the moment....

Which brings me back to a conversation over the dining table yesterday...


Coco's cousin has some symptoms of a 港孩 even though she is 24 already. She isn't too interested in things in general. So to encourage her to think more, I like to bring up some interesting questions to "force" her to think.

Topic of the dinner: Who should be considered a "Chinese".

She with Chinese parents and is a citizen of China of course is a Chinese, but what about me who is Norwegian by nationality but is born in China? What about my son who has Chinese parents but is born here?

If birth country counts, then what about a British couple gave birth to a baby in China and then brought the baby home after 6 months? The baby wouldn't speak a single word of Chinese and has the appearance of a European.

It did got her thinking, but as expected, her final answer is: "I don't know"


When I was waiting at the airport for my mother-in-law and cousin-in-law, I saw 2 consecutive finance news:

"The market in the USA is expecting business opportunities for reconstructing Japan after the earthquake and thus Dow Jones went up by 0.x%"

"The Norwegian market is worried that Japan's earthquake will weight down the economy and so the market went down by 0.x%"

Seems like the commentators have a reason for everything.


I am under some stress, but at the end I realize that it is just stress, nothing more. So I have activated the stress relieving process. Live my life day by day, and see how it goes.


I want to watch a movie tonight. Preferably a movie that I have watched before so that I don't have to think too much. "The Prestige" sounds good.

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享受生活 - Enjoy life sa...

Cool, post in English, haha.

C.M. sa...

These days are really stressful...

Erik sa...

Enjoy Life,

I type much faster in English than in Chinese, so if I am busy I would then just go with the easy way.


Hope all is well in HK, I really see no point of the panic, especially regarding the milk.

My wife is now working, so she would pump out the milk for the baby and we would just heat up the milk for the baby during the day. Baby still refuse to drink the milkpowder.

laulong sa...

>>Japan will have no chance but to invade another country for some living space......"



richmapoorma sa...

幾個政客種的禍, 要一大群平民吃苦果.