onsdag 12. januar 2011

I am back

*Blowing the dust off the blog*


*More coughing*

Ok, I am back.

Thanks 校长 & "漂亮姐姐". I made up my mind to reopen this blog after meeting with you two. I think this blog is afterall quite useful to communicate with my remote friends.

A few changes during 2010, just to sum it up here:

- Jan: Quit at D restaurant and went back to C restaurant
- Mar: Went to Dublin for Guinnes and Bailey's
- Apr: Got a new job
- May: Moved to new apartment
- Jul: Baby born
- Aug: Started at new job
- Sep/Oct: Went to Berlin with family
- Oct: Went to Edinburgh for Whiskey
- Nov: Bought apartment number 3. (aquiring more debt along the way)
- Dec: Wife got employed, pending contract signature

Have also made quite a few friends this year. People who I look forward to spend some quality time with in this otherwise boring place.

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xiao zhu sa...

Welcome back!!

Desertfox sa...

that was too quick!

Jay sa...

welcome back!!

xiao zhu sa...

Haha, just so happen that I was surfing on rice blog and caught you.

Hana sa...

welcome back!!x2

卡臣 sa...


Desertfox sa...

Thanks everyone, let us all have a great 2011

Ebenezer sa...


C.M. sa...

Great to see you again.

the8 sa...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


篤篤篤撐 sa...


laulong sa...

Welcome back, my friend :p



Desertfox sa...

Eben, CM, 8姐, 笃笃, 校长, 米兄,


小奧 sa...

glad to know u are back