mandag 7. desember 2009


上周末参加了公司的圣诞派对. 还玩了Curling. 当天狂喝酒, 第二天居然还可以若无其事地去餐馆上班, 简直是奇迹.

View from plane:

I decided to go up the mountain to see the sunset, some of the pictures:

Curling, me in action. Our team won 9-0

Some pictures from party:
My boss (department head) and the lady from accounting department:

Me and my manager:

Me with the English and the Austrian:

Me with the Spanish and the Scottish:

A few of us cornered the bar girl and forced her to take some pictures with us:

After the dinner we continue on to party at a local bar, I don't think anyone has ever seen me like this:

Me, Austrian and our company's secretary:

Here is how the place look like the morning after the party:

9 kommentarer:

xiao zhu sa...

咁快就開聖誕 party!有冇聖誕禮物架?

小瓶子 sa...

the bar girl looks pretty!

Desertfox sa...

Xiao Zhu,
We get our X'mas present a little bit later. Last year we got a small suitcase. The year before we got an iPod shuffle.

I agree, the Scottish was drunk and he was proposing to the girl. She didn't freak out or anything, just playing along. It was fun.

篤篤篤撐 sa...

seems lot of fun..

Desertfox sa...

When people are drunk, there are always lots of fun.

Though I am not sure if the money is well spent. 7 guys, 7 plane tickets plus 7 hotel rooms for 1 night.

eric sa...

haha typical Scots drunk and proposed to the bargirl lol

My office xmas party is this weekend at my boss house...not as fun as yours!

richmapoorma sa...


佚名 sa...


Desertfox sa...

Never knew it was typical Scottish behavior, could have made more fun out of it.

It was definitly fun, had a great time there.

I never smoked. That was just for picture taking. Don't worry, I am not a smoker and neither is my family and my wife. So the baby is safe :)