tirsdag 29. juli 2008


Dad just got his approval of retirement due to sickness (he had a stroke earlier this year). Why does someone needs to apply to retire? Because you will get money from the government for the rest of your life. The process is just to verify that you really can't work and not just being lazy.

So he started to plan what he would do after he stops working. Besides traveling, there really isn't much that he can do. During his life, because of work, he really doesn't have a hobby or something that he can develop on. Luckily he gets to spend half a year in HK without losing his benefits. So half of the time is taken care of. As for the other half of the time that he is in Norway. We are still trying to figure it out. So my suggestions is for him to do some traveling with mom. So that mom gets to take a good look at Norway (and the rest of Europe)

The restaurant.... I am going to miss it.

This week I will pretty much be Tchaikovski. The chef at our restaurant is quitting so I have to drive him from a the bus station to the airport. The new chef is arriving so I have to drive him from the airport to the bus station. Last but not least, my sister will be coming to Norway to celebrate my birthday this weekend so I have to pick her up from the airport. I wish she could stay in Oslo longer, but but.....

Found these pictures in my camera, this is where we said "I do":

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卡臣 sa...

嘩! 好甜蜜呀!


Desertfox sa...

You are always the first to leave comment on most places. Makes me wonder when and how long you scan each blog.

My dad's stroke caused problem on the right side of his body. His right leg is 80% while he can't move his right arm at all. He is doing physical therapy right now. Probably going to do some acupuncture later.

laulong sa...




** 飛雪素素 ** sa...

aiya!! Desertfox!! I missed this!! how could I!! this looked so sweet!! Your wife looked amazing!! very beautiful ar!!=D!!

Congrat!! Sorry for such late comment 'cause I totally got lost in my own wedding planning lately.