tirsdag 22. juli 2008


Summer time is boring here in Norway since 90% of the people goes out for vacation. While I was working on nothing and start thinking about the money that I lost in the stock market lately, I just want to do something to make it back. A thought came up......

Start an online store! Again!

Yes, I have done that before and more than once. There are three ebay stores out there that I have once been part of and 1 big one that I used to work for. However, now that I am alone in Norway it definitely would be a challenge to start over especially when facing a different market and a whole new business model.

My superstitious mom told me that if I make any big move before I turn 34, I will fall very hard and lose everything, but then if I just sit around and wait for the x amount of years till then, how am I suppose to be successful? Dilemma.

Took some wedding pictures, here is a couple to share.


Here is our main destination for our honeymoon: (too bad we can't live there)

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卡臣 sa...


係囉. 快啲寫返blog啦!


Angel Mandala 天使曼陀羅 sa...

Congratulations, kisses & best wishes:)

Too bad we didn't meet in HK, called yr mobile once ...

laulong sa...

Dear Desertfox:

It's nice to see you on blog again.



Desertfox sa...

Yeah, I will be writing again. As things come up. Just hope the entries won't be too boring for you all.....

I stayed in China longer than expected because we decided to have a wedding. Thus time spent in HK was less than expected. I couldn't meet anyone I want to meet. Make it up next time ok?

Thanks, but we took more than 500 pictures, half of those either was voided because we blinked. At the end I manage to pick only a few to put it here. It's amazing how photography and photoshop can make someone look better than reality.

Angel Mandala 天使曼陀羅 sa...

i see:)

i called the mobile no. u gave me, but "not registered"?! i thought u forgot me as my bloglink is not here la ... so u have a quick or sudden decision on marriage in China? What a right choice:) Life is so short, don't waste time.

BTW, i love your beautiful wife's veil - simple & long:)

eric sa...