fredag 23. januar 2009

Erik's traveller magazine, part 4

I should have posted this long time ago, but better late than never :)

Locarno, Luzern, Interlaken, Geneve, Switzerland

So we said goodbye to Venice and continue our trip. It was another 6 hour train before we get to Locarno, a local vacation hotspot and is sitting by a nice lake. Since we had been moving from city to city in the past few days. We are determined to rest up since we got 2 days in this place. The hotel is nice, it is in the middle of the main plaza and it has a nice balcony to it.

After we had lunch we decided to go for shopping since everything seems to be on sale and also the fact that things in Norway is simply too expensive. We managed to buy some clothes and a big backpack (those camping kind), making it much easier to carry the souvenirs we have bought.

After shopping we went to walk by the lake and take some nice pictures, and it was time to rest for the night.

The next day we didn't wake up until afternoon and then we found out that it is time to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics. We glued ourselves to the TV for the rest of the afternoon.

After TV we have decided to take a walk and we saw the tram that would take us to the top of the mountain. Originally we were tired of mountain climbing, but since this time we do it in a tram we decided to go for it. The ride was just a few minutes, and the view up there is great but there is more. You can ride the "on ping 360" further up to see even better view. Since we are already up there, we might as well do it. However, with someone like me who is scared of hight, the ride was a torture even though it was only 2 minutes long.

The views up there is amazing, just see the pictures. The best part is that nobody is there to fight for picture spot with us. It was just me and Coco and the view. Amazing.

After Locarno we stop by Luzern on our way to Interlaken. Luzern is a famous destination for many tours from Asia and we saw many Chinese people on tours. We had 2 hours and that was enough for us to do some watch shopping. Here we bought 4 watches. 2 B Swiss and a pair of matching Tissot watch for me and Coco.

The train from Luzern to Interlaken is called the Golden Pass because of its beautiful view. However, I slept through it. All I got is the pictures Coco took while I was asleep...

It was late afternoon when we got to Interlaken, it is a place where two lakes join and honestly by now I am tired of natural views. So we just walked around the town and had a fondue dinner. Here we spend our last night of our trip.

When we wake up it is time to get to Geneve to head home. We had only 2 hours in Geneve and we had only time to go shopping and here we bought 2 more Certina watches for Coco's parents.

And now it is time to go back. Overall it has been a wonderful vacation and without Coco I wouldn't be able to see so many places in such a short amount of time.

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自由行 sa...

嘩..d景好正! 你個樣都好嘆!

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好靓吖, 完全感觉到那种空气的清新.

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Just looking into your pictures, I feel excited on the trip to Europe! Ha ha!
Year Ox is coming, hope you have a prosperous year and happy all the time!

Desertfox sa...

Thanks everyone!

Happy new year to you all. Let the ox turn into the Bull to pull the market back up!

Desertfox sa...

I will put up my blog entry about Amsterdam and Germany in my next posts. Stay tuned!

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Wow! Thanks! Look for it.

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祝工作愉快, 身體健康呀!

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very nice scenery. thanks for sharing!!