torsdag 14. august 2008

Head and Hat

There was this saying in Chinese: "If you don't have such a big head, don't wear such a big hat." Why? Because you will look stupid.

And that is exactly what China look to the world now after they admitted that the girl standing in the podium isn't actually the girl singing the song.

After the story leaked out there had been people bashing and people defending. I personally are very against it but I won't bash on it. Here I will simply say why it is not acceptable and how this perfectly served the purpose of showing how China is to the world which was the main purpose of the opening ceremony.

One blogger pointed out that the incident is simply a way to achieve perfection. Since they cannot find a girl who can score a 100 points on both look and singing and a girl who score a 90 points on look and 100 points on singing is not good enough for them, so they take the girl who score a 100 on look and put her on the podium while placing a girl who scored a 100 on singing below. Thus creating an illusion that China has this one girl who looks and sings like a baby angel.

Why? I mean, if you can't find one, then you can't find one. Then it is simply a decision making of which is more important, the look or the voice. Although I still find it hard to believe that out of 1.5 billion people who lives in China that they can't find one that fits.

I hate to think that way, but the girl who stood at the podium, being a childhood star, already have agents and contracts. Is probably rich enough to pay her way to the podium even though her voice stinks.

Going back to my point in my previous post. If you are not ready, you are not ready, and if you can't achieve perfection, don't fake it. It is real, it is live. People can always embrace flaws. You don't have to dress 2008 robots doing synchronous tai chi to earn applause. The 2008 people there doing tai chi may not be 100% synchronous but it sure looks very impressive. With the low expectations the westerner has, anything with honesty and creativity and its original culture is enough to blow them away.

So yeah, I am still rooting for China during the olympics but I sure isn't rooting for the people putting this together and I am definitely turning my back of that disgusting smiling face who accepted the praise for her voice like it was really her singing.

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C+ sa...

thanks for visiting! me & my friends had been debating for 3 days and still no agreement has been made as to how to look at the syncing incident. well, guess when it involves integrity & morel issues every one has a different standard.

I have always wanted to visit Norway (even considered to study!!). How's life there besides the cold?

Last but not the least, congratulation your wedding and I must say you have a beautiful wife!


Desertfox sa...

Thanks for stopping by, not many people values integrity and honesty nowadays when results is everything.

It is just extra sad that these things takes place at the opening ceremony of a sporting events where honesty is everything. You can consider the girl has been taken steroids without knowing, that doesn't make her not guilty.

Norway is not as cold as everyone thinks. I live in the capital and last month the temperature was as high as 35 degrees. Life is the total opposite of HK, slow and boring, but very calm. Everybody has a decent job with decent income that they can live on.