fredag 8. august 2008

Beijing 2888? 8888?

It's just less than 3 hours to the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Looking back at the 4 years since the 2004 Athens olympics about how much manpower and efforts the Chinese government has put into this event. One must say that this is very important to them (when I see them, I meant of course not the people, I mean, what does people has to do with this right?).

Stadiums were built to host the games, factories were shut down, half of the cars were removed from the streets to clear the air. Even peoples were either asked to leave the city (the ones who are not residents of Beijing) or asked to stay at home so that the streets won't be too crowded. In front of the foreigners and the torch, everyone and everything has to make way.

Is that what olympics is about? An event to please the visitors? Why spend billions of tax payer's money on an event that they can't even enjoy?

If some country has to do so much in order to prepare themselves for the olympic games, the logical conclusion one can draw from this is: They are not ready.

Athens doesn't need to clean up the air, doesn't need to teach people to line up in the bus station. Doesn't need to buy thousand of buses to better the public transportation system. Why? These things are already implemented.

The Chinese people loves lucky numbers. 8 is a good number and that's why we want it on the 8th of August, 2008 at 8.08 pm. I think it is too early. Maybe China will have a better olympic if they host it on the 8th of August, 2888 at 8.08pm. or better yet, host it on the 8th of August, 8888 at 8.88pm.

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NA sa...

i am 佚名
Today china win some gold medal.
Yesterday, china first time to organize olympics game, organize olympics game is all china's people dream.

Desertfox sa...

Hi 佚名,
Yes, as of right now they have pocketed 2 gold medals. For me, in all olympics I will not just focus on the Chinese team, but also the Hong Kong team and the Norwegian team as well.

Olympic is a holy sporting events that everyone should respect. That's why I am against people (government officials) using this event as a chance to earn fame/money or countries tying this up with political issues.

佚名 sa...

Yup, for me, I am very like to watch drive and gymnastics.
Anyway,all of olmpics activities 哎呀!唔識點寫@@

Desertfox sa...


Actually I like all the olympic events. I remembered when I was little, I sat in front of the TV watching the games all day long.

佚名 sa...


Actually I like all the olympic events. I remembered when I was little, I sat in front of the TV watching the games all day long.

-->thank your for desertfox teaching.^^
i must note it in my book.

laulong sa...



Desertfox sa...

I think the main difference between 1990 and 2008 is that China considered themselves superior to other Asian countries (the big brother) whereas they are subconsciously inferior to the Western countries.

This Olympic achieved a lot of cultural interaction between the west and the far east, but I still think the cost is too high.

Singer/ 歌手 sa...

I agree that the PRC is totally NOT ready for the game.
Instead of letting ppl know more about the CHinese culture, the Olympic Game will let visitors know more about the quality of the infrastructure in CHinese as well as that of the Chinese citizens...
I am used to visit the mainland from time to time for cheap food, but everytime I am scared by the dirtiness in the public places. THe ppl there are not aware of behaving properly in the public areas...
So i think they wont be ready for the game even after a long time...