fredag 8. mai 2009

Letter to my wife

Dear wife,
I am happy to hear that you are studying diligently during my trip away. In fact, you have been studying very diligently the whole time. Norwegian is a totally new language to you and for people like us who are not born in a latin language based country, the process of learning Norwegian could be long and boring.

Is there something I can do to help? I know that my temper isn't exactly the best, especially when I am teaching you Norwegian, so I am happy that since my mom has arrived, she had taken over my role and becoming your tutor. Seeing you two learning together, although my face doesn't show it, I am really happy. I have told myself to be patient and I know you will master the language someday. Therefore all I can do at this moment is wait.

Remember how I told you that you are not in a hurry to learn the language? Because I am perfectly capable of supporting this family with my jobs. As long as I am capable of working, you, my parents, and even our future babies will not have to worry about living expenses. It is true, and it will always be true, because it is my job to put a roof above our heads and put food on the table.

However, my dear, our lives would be so much better if we both are working. There are many more dreams and goals that we can reach if we both have our career. Although I am perfectly happy about the way things are right now with our married life and my personal life, I have to say there are so many more ways to improve. For example, you have always want to have more privacy, we could use a bigger house with multiple floors so that we can have more privacy. We would also want to be able to retire early and the best way to do it is to put money aside now and let it grow in various investments. We could also appease your parents since they believe you should be achieving something with your master degree in Law.

My dear, I am glad that you are studying so hard right now, but I have to point it out to you that there is a major difference between studying a language and studying in university. There is also a big difference in learning a Latin-based language and learning Chinese. You should really learn the alphabets by heart so that you can learn to pronounce the words even if you don't know the words. When you can speak the word well, people can understand you better and that's when the doors of opportunities open. Yes, the grammar is important, but being able to speak the language is far more important. So please keep this in mind when you plan your study ahead. When you have finally learned enough Norwegian to carry a normal conversation with people, we will be able to realize a lot of our dreams and create a better future.

I can't wait to go back home tonight, I miss you a lot.


Your hubby.


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小瓶子 sa...

will your wife read this letter?

xiao zhu sa...


篤篤篤撐 sa...

哇, 寫封O甘長既信比老婆, 一定用左好多心機了...

Desertfox sa...


She already read this letter.

Xiao zhu,

Thanks, she thinks the letter is sweet.



richmapoorma sa...


Your wife is so lucky to be with you.


laulong sa...

情深意切,sweet 呀!

the8 sa...



Desertfox sa...

Likewise, I am also very lucky to have found her.



市場維京人 sa...

點夠你嚟?連情信都 post 埋出嚟!

Learning a non-native language is really a challenge, and this should be a challenge that we should overcome!

And, after reading your letter, I believe you really love your wife very much. That's so great!


eric sa...


市場維京人 sa...


Desertfox sa...

Just a bit busy lately, will be posting again soon.

小奧 sa...

it's sweet and real. u are gd, erik

Desertfox sa...

Oslo Jr.,