fredag 13. februar 2009

16 things about me + My initials (round 2)

Ok, now the second round.

1. I am married with no children
2. I have a younger sister who lives in Leicester, UK
3. I am fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Norwegian and also some very basic Spanish
4. Out of my 27.5 years of my life, I have lived 7.5 years in Norway, 9.5 years in HK and 10.5 years in the US
5. Ever since I was 8, I have not lived in a house for more than 2 years. (the record will be broken this summer hopefully)
6. I am most proud of the fact that I survived the 4 years I spent in UCLA and come out with my Computer Science & Engineering degree
7. I hope to retire by 45, therefore I am doing everything I can to increase my passive income.
8. One of my goals are to go on a 1 year trip and travel around the world.
9. I cannot eat the first 2 hours after I wake up. Then I get very hungry.
10. I have had more than 15 car accidents in my 9 years of driving, destroyed 2 cars but had not suffered the slightest injure except my most recent accident.
11. I have horrible temper and very little patience.
12. I have had 4 girlfriends, 中港台+越南华侨各一.
13. In gambling I would only play blackjack. Preferably 1 to 2 decks because I can memorize cards.
14. I am colorblind and scared of height
15. I once had a phone number that is a palindrome: 4329234 (reads the same forward and backward)
16. I basically like all ballsports that are either round or using a racket. Favorite: Badminton, Basketball, Football, Tennis

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小瓶子 sa...

how come so many car accidents?

Desertfox sa...

Yeah, now that I thought about it, it really is a lot.

More serious ones:
1. hydroplaned.
2. lost control on ice

Medium serious ones:
1. Wide turn and hit the curb
2. went too fast and charged through the middle curb
3. received phone call and hit the car ahead
4. felt asleep and hit the car ahead
5. braking and the car behind hit me
6. accelerated forward without looking ahead and hit the car ahead.
7. same thing as number 6.
8. hit a deer on the road

Small ones:

1. rolled forward on a red light and hit the car ahead.
2. backed out of parking lot and hit another car who was also backing out
3. driving on a parking lot and a car hit me while backing out
4. same as number 3
5. hit a bird

very minor
1. hit a post while backing out of parking space x N

xiao zhu sa...


xiao zhu sa...


市場維京人 sa...

I hope to retire around by 45 too, let's work hard then.

laulong sa...




自由行 sa...

>>4 girlfriends


多謝你陪我顛!! 情人節快樂!!

eric sa...

"I am colorblind and scared of height"

which type? red/green or blue/yellow? if you don't mind me asking

Desertfox sa...

I can't tell the composition of colors if they are mixed. I can tell red, orange, green, brown, blue, purple, black, white, pink, yellow

If you start mixing them up, I would recognize them as a new color, I can't say that a color is "bluish red" or something like that.

市場維京人 sa...

Desertfox, I've created a new blog on running .... yes, running, and the minds while run ..... welcome to have a look if you have time:


市場維京人 sa...

Hi Desertfox,

How are you? Long time no see your posts ...... anything alright?

Tell us more on Norway if you have time la!


Desertfox sa...

Yeah, not much is going on, a few things bothering me, I will write about it at a later time.

Not going to give up on blogging though, you will hear from me soon.


Kati sa...

Cool, Erik! 3: that is awesome - are you then quint-lingual? 9: me too! 11: I remember the drives for We the People. :-)