tirsdag 16. september 2008


So I drove to my parents on Sunday. The normal 3 hour drive (one way) that I am so used to that I can do it with my eyes closed. Coco would like to focus on her studies so she didn't come with me, instead the Polish guy who is renting my room wants to come along to see the beautiful view of Hemsedal.

During the first half of the trip we saw quite a lot of birds on the road and I have to step on the brake a few times to avoid hitting them (I have killed 2 birds with my car before). So finally I got through the birds and a short while later I saw a cat crossing the road, the cat was quick so nothing happened (I have killed a squirrel before). So we keep on driving and the car in front of me all of a sudden turn the car to the opposite side. Just as I was wondering what was going on, I saw a lamb in the middle of the road, looking lost. He first look at the car who passed him, and then look at me, with no intention of getting out of the way. I slowed down the car and drove by and on the mirror I saw the lamb was seeing us off.

So after 3 hours I am almost home. The whole trip I was talking to the Polish guy about different things, mostly about politics. Just when I was engaging in a heated argument about how Democracy sucks, he pointed ahead and said: "a deer!" and I had to step on the break again to avoid hitting it. The deer start walking off and I step on the gas again to drive past it, only to see a second deer right in front of my car and despite me turning away from the deer, I can't avoid but hit it at the back leg. The impact was small, but still enough to send the deer flying off the road. I was in shock, thus without stopping to check the injury to the deer I continue driving.

It was less than 200 meters away from home this happened, and the deer was unfortunately a little too tall for the bumper. So I hit it with the lamps and they were pushed inward, breaking a tube causing the window washing fluid to be spilled. The cost of damage is yet to be determined, but it's going to cost me....

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卡臣 sa...

Luckily you & parents are safe & OK!

佚名 sa...

o...special experience
lamb and deer, so cute^^~

Desertfox sa...

My parents are not in the car, just me and my roommate. *knock on wood* I have never had an accident that caused injury to the people in the car. (Despite the fact I have had more than 20 big and small accidents)

Yes, you can definitely call this a special experience, so far I have killed 2 birds, 1 squirrel and 1 deer. Poor animals.

佚名 sa...

Yes, you can definitely call this a special experience, so far I have killed 2 birds, 1 squirrel and 1 deer. Poor animals.
-->嗚~desertfox very ruthless to animals!!><!!

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